Monday, August 31, 2009


U Know that you are An EXTREME FRAUD! FRAUD! FRAUD! If...

1. If you buy other peoples beads and sell them as your creations.

2. If you claim your a lamp-work artist. By selling other peoples lamp-work art.

3. If you sell other jewelry makers jewelry and claim to have made it yourself.

4. If you do make lamp-work beads and jewelry. And its SHIT! And still claim to be an artist.

5. If you start a blog based on lies.

6. If your blog's sole purpose is to harm others.

7. If your blog is only about revenge and not truth.

8. If you attack others with the intent to harm. Even though they have done nothing to harm you or even said a harsh word against you.

9. If you are not smart enough to do your home work. And slander someone with teeth. Who has business practices above reproach.

10. If you are so stupid that you spend your time writing or calling other cities, counties, states and countries . To file false reports in a shotgun attempt to be right. INSTEAD OF WORKING TO IMPROVE YOUR CRAFT ( i.e talent ).

11. If your an Evil meat sack.

12. If you call yourself a pastry chef or lamp-work artist. And your only options are. Starting a blog to discredit your competition because you have no talent. Yup, bakeries are also under attack!

13. If piss and vinegar runs through your heart. If so you may need an extreme doctor. It would explain a lot.

14. If you start a blog without signing your name.

15. If you do not allow others the right to comment on your blog or any of the hundreds of web sites or social networking sites that you started for the purpose of revenge

16. If you are a coward and use more then two internet names or Ids.

17. If a thousand people could write just one line against your accusation that can be proven. Let alone hundreds.

18. If the truth is coming back to bite you on the ass.

19. If Karma is waiting behind truth saying " Hey its my turn".

20. If you look into a mirror and see Ullja Kuntze looking back at you.



Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What a whack job

Well it seems the truth has hit a nerve with Ullja. She has slander me again. But nothing new, same old unproven lies. She accuses me of tax fraud based on sales tax. Ullja is not evan smart enough to find out about Utah law. Her shot gun approach to law is insane and would draw doctors in the mental heath field to stamp her hand with only that to go by.

First Lets address the fact that I have not paid Utah State sales tax sense 2005. Oh wait I have! Every penny and every time I buy something in the Great State of Utah. Now listen carefully wacko " I DO NOT SELL IN THE STATE OF UTAH " ( hope that was slow enough for you ) and haven't for five or six years not one dime. Oh wait just one more second. I've only been making beads for about five years And have never sold to anyone in Utah . So although I have a sales tax ID and have had it sense the early 80's it is inactive because....... come on whack job you can guess this........ need more time?...........give up? How about a clue? I DON"T SELL IN UTAH you horrible evil witch.

However this nut job thinks I should charge Utah State sales tax on the sales of beads that are sold out of the state of Utah or out of this country. Hey France! Guess what. Ullja can come after you and call you a FRAUD, FRAUD, FRAUD Because you don't pay Utah State sales tax. And sadly Google will let her. Also they will provide her the soup box in which to spit her venom and lies from.

What I find truly mind boggling is that the lamp-working community is a warm and loving industry. That shares with pro's and newbies alike. Anyone with a question can go to any of the lamp-working forums and will be embraced and respected regardless of the question. So why would this woman want to harm hundreds and hundreds of lamp-workers when they could be her best resource for help with her beads. By the way I checked out her beads on her web site . And in my opinion she needs all the help she can get. Maybe I shoud say the good soles from china could benefit from the warm hearts of the rest of the world.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Online Fraud investigation. The true story.

There is a fraud going on. But it is not the hundreds of talented glass workers accused of committing the fraud. But by Ullja Kuntza. A woman who opened a online store. Sold beads from other glass artists and claimed to have made the beads herself.

Now lets stop to understand what this means.

It is perfectly fine to sell other artists work. Galleries do it all the time. But you CAN NOT represent that you are the author ( plagiarism and or copyright fraud ) Now that is true FRAUD. And that Is what Ullja Kuntza did. So to make along story short. A group of the glass artist. Who were having their beads sold by another claiming to have made them by herself. Petitioned the online market place where the fraud was taking place to look into their concerns. After their investigation. They found more then enough evidence to ban her from their site. Let me reframe that. MORE THAN ENOUGH EVIDENCE! Thank God for responsible owners of web sites. Unlike those that want to profit by lies regardless of the truth.

Now heres the rub. In an act of revenge. Ullja has started a blog here ( ) to get back and harm those that she felt got her banned. And she has not stopped at those that petitioned for her removal. But every glass artist out there. It seems to me she is just going through the membership list at or and randomly picking names out of the hat to spit venom at.

I have been targeted, slandered, and defamed by Ullja Kuntze. Yet I was not in the numbers that had her banned. Nor have I meet her or evan said a harsh word against her. But this witch spills hatred towards all glass artist because she was caught committing fraud against them.

The truly sad thing is that this web site enables her. And is fully responsible and negligent for the lies Ullja has spread. As well as the hundreds of artist that have been harmed by her lying blog posted here at you have had hundreds of complaint about this slanderist blog and have done nothing. We are raising the money for the law suit. And will we name all that is profiteering by these lie.

Let be honist or blogspot what ever you call yourself ( we will just start off by suing google) Why can't I post a comment on her lying blog? Why is she so cowardly that she can accuse others and not even have the balls to sign her name let alone evidence.!!!!!

Well let me sign my name.