Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Open letter to Ullja Kuntze

Ullja, By now you must be feeling very isolated. You've painted yourself into a corner. Thinking about your next option? The truth is you have only one . That option is to come clean and do the right thing. Be honest and stop your slandering blog. If your willing to take that step. I will be more then willing to help. But it will take some hard medicine. Would you be willing to talk about it? Unlike you I have an open door so you can contact me. You can post you comments here as can everyone. You can contact me through My member name there is Tanner Studios. If you want to explain your actions in private conversation and I will conceder it just that. You can. But you are just hanging yourself with every name you drop. I would like to speak with you on the phone. You have slander me. I think I have the right to talk to you . If your right what do you have to be afraid of ?

Ullja Kuntze, are you sure your strategy is paying off ? Think about this, You claimed Internationally that my sister and I were committing tax fraud. And filed multiple complaints accusing us of tax evasion in the cities and state we live in and do business in. Not having business licenses. Not paying sales tax and what ever you could think of at the time you wanted to hurt my sister and myself. I will ask this Question again . What did we ever do to you? The problem with your allegations is simple. We are compliant with Utah law as well as federal law. Would you like an example? It will hurt if you have a heart.

Because you have filed false complaints around the world. Here are some of the consequence of your lies. First you wasted tax payers money. Then there is the hugh civil suit coming your way. You have lost an amazing support group. The group that embraces everyone ( but not You ). I could go on and on. But I just want you to understand how you hurt my sister.

Ullja Kuntze. I'm going to tell you the true story of your lies and the consequence of your lies. Trudi was sitting home alone on a school day. You should know that lamp-work for her is a hobby. She works a full time job. Hence the name afterdarkdesigns.

Getting back to a school day and Trudi"s day off. A police officer shows up at her home. NOW PUT YOURSELF in her shoes. A mother of two children. Wife of a man who works in an industry that is know to have arms or hands ripped off. Now the police officer is sitting in his car in front of her home for 10 to 15 minutes. They do that to get the onboard computer to retrieve the information about the complaint. What would anyone think in her situation. OMG! Is my husband hurt or dead, was my son involved accident, is my daughter missing or worst!

Ullja, do you think this is funny? Are you satisfied ? Are you getting some kind jolly from causing this kind of pain? Is revenge worth this kind hurt? Please end it now. This is one story. You have created hundreds and hundreds.

Oh by the way. Trudi just showed the officer her business license and that satisfied the complaint! Just another nail in your coffin. Just another one of your lies discredited.


  1. Ullja does not care what is true, or about hurting people. No one that she's "reported" has been found to be committing fraud, while there is a dossier full of proof that she committed fraud herself. Her "Artisan Fraud Report" blog is fantasy concocted to try to find someone through aimless and random selection who's committed a fraction of the crimes she has. So far, no luck. She's barking up the wrong trees. She more likely to find a tax evader in the guy who mows the neighbor's yard.

  2. I am so very sorry to hear about the day that your sister had because of this woman. My heart goes out to her.

    I feel for you both, Scott. You are great at what you do, and an inspiration to those of us who are just beginning.

    Stay strong. This will be over. Then, everone that U has hurt will THANK US. We may even be rewarded.